Six days with Lydia Bradey

The club recently ran a six day Alpine Instruction Course instructed by Lydia Bradey: Mountaineer Extraordinaire. I was so inspired and enthused by this experience  that I’ve been telling as many people as possible how fantastic Lydia is and how great it was to have a straight run of six days in the mountains (with … Read more

Terrible Taranaki

INTRODUCTION The weather reports leading up to this trip were very inconsistent, and as such we thought we would proceed rather than cancel. However, the leader made it clear to all that reaching the summit (which was the trip’s goal) was going to be a bonus at best! The back-up plan was to tramp around … Read more

Track Talk

Whoops!  I haven’t been too good at keeping you up to date with Chief Guide things. By now you should have seen the new Spring schedule which takes us to January. Click here for a copy.   There are loads of alpine and rock trips and a couple of volunteer trips – not to mention the … Read more

Pouakai Circuit

We tramped the Pouakai circuit and we were happy because it was plan A. Dan planned everything so that we could have an amazing week-end. But one question remained: Did Dan carry food in his backpack? Friday night was a long drive, approximately 5 hours to arrive at the North Egmont camphouse. We didn’t forget … Read more

Membership – August 2015

In August we welcomed the following new members: Elaine Yelland Robert, Trish, Anna and Lara Comeskey Susan, Vanessa & Katelyn Sturman and Ashley Hu Eleonora Negri, Marco, Elena and Maria Relevant Elizabeth Eady Sarah, Felix and Madeleine Caylor Lin Ma and David Moala Sophia Cheng, Merv Theobald and Cally Cheng-Su Libby Davis Sophia Gray  

Post-snowcraft trip to Tahurangi

Conscious that we had only had one weekend away instead of the usual two I made the offer to the group that if they came up with an idea for a post Snowcraft trip and organised it I would come with them on it. Dan and Amie were up for the challenge and in no … Read more

Tales from Snowcraft 2015

First the winds of change blew through WTMC! Initiation rites that used to be undertaken to achieve membership were abandoned. Initiation rites like having to survive two overnight trips with the club, being seen in a holey ice breaker jumper, proving you can pronounce “Tararua” and know what scroggin is, bribing a trip leader or … Read more

Tararua calendar 2016

For those of you who think the Tararuas are a nice place to go tramping you may be interested in a 2016 Calendar that will continually remind you just how nice they really are and that you must go back there on a club trip sometime very soon. Those who dislike the Tararuas can still buy a calendar – and … Read more

Aorangi Crossing

This tramp started from Putangirua Pinnacles, walking down to Mangatoetoe (Cape Palliser) via a number of huts. We had left Platform 9 at 5:15 pm on Friday for a couple hours drive to the Pinnacles campsite. Apparently the water at the campsite was not safe to drink, so we had filled our bottles at a … Read more