Track talk

Trip planning for the summer schedule is almost upon us, so now is the time to suggest trips you want to do between January and Easter – wonderful day length and nicer weather.  Please let me know if there are road ends you want to go to or particular trips you want to do. Trip planning will … Read more

WTMC survey

The Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club (WTMC) is running a survey to look at ways we could share out the work of running our club more effectively. The purpose of this survey is not to single out members for doing more or less, it’s simply to assess how we manage the club, and how we could manage it better. … Read more

Skyline Walkway

On the Skyline Walkway I felt like I was on a big adventure. When we were up on the mountains the view was just so amazing and sometimes it was hard to run against the wind but it was so funny because we always laughed together about it and I got to know so many … Read more

Newsletter changes update

In May this year the club made some changes to the way the newsletter blog was distributed to members. Essentially this involved discontinuing the paper copy, and sending an email notification to all members whenever there was a significant posting to the newsletter. The reasons for these changes were fairly simple: the time involved in … Read more

Cow Creek

Mike: It’s Saturday night, before 8pm. I’m hunched below a top bunk of Cow Creek Hut, feeling very well fed and trying to scribble these notes by torchlight.  Debbie and Eleonora are already trying to go to sleep. Debbie’s had the wood-burner going, and it’s toasty enough for me to have switched to a downstairs … Read more

Taranaki East Ridge

Driving up to the Sratford Plateau car park at 5.45am on Saturday morning I’m hoping someone has spread lots of grit on the road so there is no ice to cope with. It’s a mild morning and the damp road has not frozen overnight. Relieved I park and we clamber out and assemble our gear … Read more

Holly Hut on Mt. Taranaki

We left Friday evening, the van was full and everyone was happy and excited for our tramp. After a quick dinner in Bulls, we arrived at a backpackers place in Stratford, where we found out that we would get to sleep in until 8am, so we were already off to a very good start of … Read more

Sutherlands Hut

Saturday morning was sunny but quite cool when we emerged from the van at the road end. Extra layers of clothing were quickly added. Our track was a 4-wheel-drive route, at times deeply rutted and beginning with a huge muddy pool. We walked downhill through regenerating bush to the first of 10 river crossings and … Read more