Another tale of stoat trapping in the Ruahines!

It’s great that the WTMC is looking after a Ruahine trap line to help protect blue duck from predators, and a visit had long been on my to-do list. I’m currently attempting to get fit for summer trips so I ambitiously signed up for Amanda’s Medium-Fit option. I emailed Amanda: “err…. I’m a wee bit … Read moreAnother tale of stoat trapping in the Ruahines!

Out Damn Stoat! A tale of stoat trapping in the Ruahines

Are you a ‘peak bagger’ a ‘hut ticker offer’? Do you love going out into the bush to satisfy your personal desire to experience our beautiful natural heritage? Let’s face it; unless you are leading a trip helping others, tramping is done for our own selfish reasons of personal enjoyment and experience. And there is … Read moreOut Damn Stoat! A tale of stoat trapping in the Ruahines

Why you should rock climb Part 1

There is a misconception that the mountaineering group in the club is hard core and tough. Hopefully once I have finished this article that misconception will be cleared up. If this does not do the trick then Frances and Henry’s talk on the 2nd December should sort it out once and for all. We didn’t meet … Read moreWhy you should rock climb Part 1

The Tararuas January to December

The 2016 Tararua Calendar – a trip through the Tararuas from January to December By Harry Smith When you are an unemployed layabout, living on boiled rice and scavenged apple cores and reusing teabags six or seven times over, you will accept any freebie you can get your hands on. So when Tony Gazley offered me a free … Read moreThe Tararuas January to December

Membership – November 2015

Do we have your correct postal address? We will be posting out the Annual Club Journal in early December, along with invoices for 2016/2017 membership fees. Please let me know () if you need to update your postal address. We don’t want you to miss out! New members Seems I haven’t welcomed our new members … Read moreMembership – November 2015

Pete Goodwin – Life Member

I mentioned to Pete one weekend at Ruapehu Lodge that I was doing some Life Member interviews and he promptly said ‘Right we’d better bloody get on with it then’. So he regaled me with decades of club adventures over coffee surrounded by kids playing and with stunning views of Taranaki out the window. When … Read morePete Goodwin – Life Member