Committee member Q & A

 Katy Glenie quizzes Chief Guide Illona Keenen Q. How did you get involved with the WTMC? A. A friend Jane Perkins was a long time member and invited me along for a South Island trip to The 1000 Acres Plateau—but the bad weather meant we didn’t get there. It then took me three years to … Read more

Another S-K record!

Update 1 February 2016 You can now read Jean’s story of her S-K  here. *********************************************************************** The latest news is that Jean Beaumont has just become the first woman to complete the Main Range S-K under 24 hours, solo and unsupported! An truly amazing effort of 23 hours 43 minutes given that conditions were apparently marginal. … Read more

WTMC has changed our bank account

From now on, please make sure all your payments (whether for trip fares, membership fees or lodge) go into our new bank account, which is Kiwibank 38-9017-0330533-00 Why are we changing banks? The new bank account offers better processes for those operating the account. What if I accidentally paid into the old account? We will … Read more

Arthurs Pass to Mt Cook

This guide covers route details for a 14 day tramp on the east side of the Southern Alps from Arthur’s Pass to the Godley Valley during Dec 2015/ Jan 2016. Our trip planning was helped by several websites and blogs and so we hope that this document will be pay back and help anyone hoping … Read more

5-bar Tararua tramping

Some people, particularly trampers, rejoice when heading into our wilderness while others have a fearful attitude towards these areas that they believe should be completely avoided—for they are places that they consider are hideous, desolate and uncomfortable—where people suffer and sometimes die. However, nowadays it seems that many of those who do actually want to … Read more

Mitre Flats Hut

On 12 December six intrepid explorers, led by Frances, set off from the Welly Railway Station at 8 am on Saturday for the northern stretch of the Tararuas to do the ‘easy’ graded Mitre Flats walk.  The rest of the group was Jane, Julia, David, John and Antonia.  After a brief but essential stop for … Read more

Heaphy Track – November 2015

Day 1. No one showed up at Platform 9 Wellington train station. Richard, Matt, Joe, Emily and David were off on a Heaphy track adventure, pack weigh in was at Wellington airport. A short flight into Nelson, and a three hour drive later we arrive at Brown Hut. It’s raining. Were close to the West … Read more