Magical Mole Tops

admiring the view

Condensed version. The trip plan as submitted on the intentions sheet was: Friday evening – ferry and travel to Murchison. Saturday – drive to Mataki Lodge and walk up the valley to Mole Hut. Sunday – walk up to Mole Saddle and Mole Tops. If the weather is OK camp at Mole Saddle, otherwise Mole … Read more

Totara Flats

We departed the Railway station shortly after 5.30 on Friday night, sharing a van with Simon’s Medium grade trip who were heading for the same road end – Holdsworth. After delicious kebabs in Carterton, we arrived at Holdsworth Campground to find the place heaving with trail runners and their support teams and families preparing for … Read more

Website Updates

The Club website currently runs on three applications, the main site (Drupal), the newsletter site (WordPress) and the forum (Phorum). Three different applications multiply the volunteer learning time to use and maintain. With many people now using mobile devices to view our most popular pages (trip list and social night programme) the sites are … Read more

Broken Axe Pinnacles

I was a bit concerned about the weather and this trip certainly had a reputation (as I had been told that the last Club attempt at the Pinnacles resulted in a trip turn-around due to weather). Nevertheless, once the trip was organised and food allocated, we met up at the train station on Friday night … Read more

Jumbo Holdsworth Tramp – Powell Hut (EM)

We all met at Platform 9 at 8.00am on Saturday, a delayed start from Friday night due to a running race being held on the Holdsworth Track. We also changed our route plan, missing Jumbo Hut, so as to avoid the ridge on Sunday. The weather looked good as we headed to the Wairarapa onto … Read more

Terrific Triangle

The lure of Christmas shopping, or perhaps the panic of not having done it earlier, meant that there were only three of us on the medium tramp to Triangle hut in the Ruahines the weekend before Christmas. We shared transport with the equally select ‘gourmet’ easy tramp  group of four who were heading up to … Read more