2018 WTMC Photo Competion

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The annual WTMC photo competition was held at the club-rooms on 8 August. The photos were judged by Grant Newton, and the prizes for the winners of each category were provided with a generous donation from life-member Ron Fayle.

Grant’s comments were well received by all competitors and visitors. He particularly noted that although many of the photos submitted were taken on phone cameras the quality of these images, although mostly perfectly satisfactory for viewing on small screens, did not measure up to the resolution required at competition level. Although he did also note that sometimes a clever composition could occasionally trump resolution and a phone camera then provide a winner.

It was an interesting and inspiring presentation by Grant and a big thanks to him for spending the time judging for another year. Also thanks again to Ron Fayle for the prizes.

Below are the winners and runners-up in each category. All these photos will be entered by the club into the 2018 FMC annual competition to be judged later this year.

Above bushline – no human element

Winner: Tony Gazley

Runner-up: Tony Gazley


Above bushline – human element

Winner: Ian Harrison

Runner-up: Tony Gazley


Below bushline – no human element

Winner: Ian Harrison

Runner-up: Mark Pothecary


Below bushline – human element

Winner: Ian Harrison

Runner-up: Simon Barr


Flora and fauna

Winner: Amelia White

Runner-up: Ian Harrison


Judges choice

Winner: Ian Harrison


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