Remutaka Cycle Trail In a Day

Looking Home

The weather forecast was for a warm dry day, with North Westerly winds decreasing. Good enough to go! With an early 06:45am meet up at Wellington Station we left on the 07:05 train to Upper Hutt, the first train out on Sunday. It was a short train and the number of bikes was officially limited … Read more

Tin Range: Disappointment and Delight

This was not a WTMC trip but I thought the notes might be generally helpful to other WTMC members. We researched this trip thoroughly as the first two days do not have any maintained tracks. It is some of the most remote tramping you can do in New Zealand, and, whilst not all that high, … Read more

Mount Richmond Tripping

We had a good group of people keen to get into the Richmond Range and do some reconnoitring over the long Wellington Anniversary weekend. Having recently come out of a mission to Carkeek Hut (and beyond) I was still a bit sore but keen to get into this great part of the south island, having … Read more

Day Tripping the Mick

With our Northern Crossing plans blown to tatters by forecast gale-force winds we looked for other options. Island Forks was suggested, and three of us elected to do it as a day trip. Looking at the route on the map I anticipated a long day. The idea of a day pack however, was rather appealing. … Read more

More Mick-ey mouse business in the Tararua

After my previous adventures up the “Mick”, you would have thought I could safely leave this area of the Tararua alone. Not so. Apparently I love getting lost in this Bermuda Triangle of bush. However, I am not on my own in this. Every now and then on the eastern slopes of the Mick, you … Read more

Beer Tramp

In the warm early afternoon of December 15, 5 of the keenest of the beer connoisseurs assembled at the Sprig and Fern on Tinakori Road to begin their journey with a warm-up beer. They knew they may not all make it to the end of the journey, but they were the core of pied pipers … Read more

Makaretu Hut

A warm sunny evening greeted our group as we departed Wellington on the Friday night. We stopped for dinner at the yummy Turkish restaurant in Carterton before making our way to the Anzac Campground near Norsewood. We arrived after dark meaning we had to set up our tents with our head torches on, but as … Read more

Lake Christabel Hut

With the weather forecast for the weekend looking grim four of us headed (along with the EM group) from the train station to check in for our ferry ride to Picton. Once we were on the ferry heading to Picton there was no turning back. The ride over was smoother than expected with the rain … Read more

Otago Mountainbiking

Obelisk Old Man Range

Club night talks can be inspiring. Tony G did a talk in 2014 about his mountain bike trip to Central Otago—and I wanted to go! Another club talk made me spent $10k for 10 days in the Sub Antarctic Islands—be careful about the thrills of a Wednesday night! During my ecology degree there was mention … Read more

Ohau Huts

We started out from Wellington station on Friday night with the five of us in the van. After competing with Friday traffic for a couple of hours we had our dinner stop in Levin – spoilt for choice we all went for the same kebab place for a great pre-tramp meal. When we arrived at … Read more