Packrafting safety instruction

What a lark! Hooning down the Tararua rivers in a 1.6 kg inflatable dinghy—including all the kit (floatation device (PFD) and paddle). Welcome to the wonderful world of packrafting! Having had a very harebrained thought to do just the same thing by myself a few years ago, except with questionable gear, no training and no … Read more

Arthur’s Pass – alpine adventures with different beans

Arthur's Pass

It takes courage and skills to organise an alpine tramp for a party of 20 to go all the way from Wellington to Arthur’s Pass, and our amazing Megan Sety had the courage, the skills, and much more. With at least three months of planning, she managed to put together an outstanding frontline of six … Read more

2018 WTMC Photo Competion

The annual WTMC photo competition was held at the club-rooms on 8 August. The photos were judged by Grant Newton, and the prizes for the winners of each category were provided with a generous donation from life-member Ron Fayle. Grant’s comments were well received by all competitors and visitors. He particularly noted that although many … Read more

A bunch of tramps in the Tararuas

Soon after fuelling ourselves at a Turkish restaurant on our way to the Tararua Forest Park we arrived at the beginning of our trail and set off. The four of us had a wet two hour tramp through the darkness, lighting the trail with our head torches to our first shelter, Herepai Hut. We managed … Read more

Pouaki Circuit and Taranaki/ Mt Egmont

Taranaki East Ridge

Ten of us drove to Taranaki/ Mt Egmont on Friday evening and camped at a picnic spot along the North Egmont Road. Saturday was forecast to have a strong southerly wind with a minus 10 degrees C wind chill on the summit, while Sunday was forecast to be an absolutely stunning day. Needless to say, … Read more


Our trip started on Easter Friday morning when we left our road-side camp next to the Hodder River bridge. From here we took the 4wd track from Gladstone Downs upriver to the south. After about 20 minutes we passed an old red container and a small overgrown single track tapered off to the left of … Read more