Refreshed WTMC Policies

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You might have noticed we’ve been gradually migrating information from the old WTMC website to this flash new one. The latest information to be moved are the WTMC policies. These policies are our guiding stars for running the club safely, fairly and efficiently. They are written with WTMC’s core purpose of enjoying the outdoors at heart. Behind the policies is a desire to keep members safe and support people with club activities whilst at the same time minimising the work required by members and the committee (remembering that we are all volunteers with a huge preference for getting out in the hills rather than reading, writing or implementing club policies!).

We’ve taken the new website as a chance to have a bit of a tidy-up and tried to make the policy document a little clearer. If your latest tramp hasn’t tired you out enough then reading these cover-to-cover will be sure to send you to sleep. Instead, it might just be useful to know where they are for future reference when you next need to check, for example, whether you can hire a club PLB for a private trip (you can’t) or what the club position on bullying is (zero tolerance in any club-related activities).

The policies can be found under About, then Governance Documents from the new WTMC website.

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