Lake Christabel Hut

With the weather forecast for the weekend looking grim four of us headed (along with the EM group) from the train station to check in for our ferry ride to Picton. Once we were on the ferry heading to Picton there was no turning back. The ride over was smoother than expected with the rain … Read more

Lake Christabel

Our South Island jaunt to Lewis Pass was initially a bit stop-start due to the usual vagaries of Inter-islander Ferries. This time they managed to load too many passengers and cargo. ‘Fortunately’ the captain noticed before we entered the Cook Straight (7m swell) and we headed back to unload the trains! Handy tip number 1, … Read more

Lake Christabel trip

I’m used to tramping with ‘Fit’ tramping groups. They are about efficiencyand speed of travel. In automotive terms they are the WRC of tramping; all carbon fibre, welded alloy and blowoff valves. They have a metaphorical go faster lever, so when the call goes out to kick it in the guts, the lever is thrown … Read more