Top deck on top

I was not brimming with confidence about leading this trip as I had not done a medium trip before, let alone led one! However I not only survived the trip, I actually enjoyed it, which I put down to the awesome group I was walking with. We were picked up by our chauffer for the weekend … Read more

Papatahi Crossing: Catchpool to Wairarapa

I’ve always wondered about that lonely meandering track from the Orongorongo valley, that finishes in the unfashionable backwaters of the South-West Wairarapa. And I see that Kate Cushing must feel that way too, since she’s leading a trip here on 29 June. Two of us took a look last month on the spur of the … Read more

Papatahi Crossing

What’s the definition of a M/F-tramp? According to some, it doesn’t even exist as it would be either M or F, and anything in between is just smoke and mirrors. This trip was optimistically scheduled to be a M-trip, but over the weekend the idea developed that it actually should be rated a M/F tramp. … Read more