Kawhatau Base

 The last time it snowed in downtown Wellington I was too young to dress or feed myself. In the intervening years this ability had only slightly improved, yet I had learnt the basic use of an ice axe and crampons. So off we went all tooled up for the slow drive to the Ruahine’s only … Read more

Howletts Hut

The trip began at platform 9, Wellington Station.  Our group of 7 plus another group of 6 going on the EM trip to Daphne Hut filled all spaces in the van.  We all headed off to the eastern Ruahines to Kasmir Road end arrived sometime after 10pm.  We brought tents as the weather forecast predicted … Read more

Ruahines, Daphne Hut

Kashmir Road on the eastern side of the Ruahine range is probably the worst road that I have ever encountered.  It is unsealed, very steep, very narrow and quite scary in places.  Nevertheless, we got to the road end without incident.  Thanks Hans, for your superb driving! There were five punters on this trip: Jo, … Read more

It’s a bit like the Tararuas

As usual we met at the train station on Friday night for our trip to the Ruahines. We stopped for kebabs on the way and then in what seemed like no time at all were at the road end. We had a few hours to walk on the first night to get to Parks Peak … Read more

Ruahines Easter Egg Hunt

I have never spent much time in the Ruahines. Too far from home.  Too difficult to get to. You have to read a map just to work out where the road end is. Too similar to the Tararuas. Why would anyone go that far just to get away from a bit of wind? But after … Read more

Waterfall Hut

I left the car just after 5:00pm Friday night & headed off to Purity Hut, the first half an hour or so up the farmland is a steep haul but once you get into the bush this is a another good route on to the tops. Daylight saving had just finished, so once in the … Read more

Ruahine – Sunrise Hut

This was my third overnight trip with the WTMC and I must say also the best because of the great scenery, the nice track and the time we had for exploring and relaxing. We left on Friday evening from the station with another group (medium) led by Kate Cushing. Jo Boyle was driving the van, … Read more

Heritage to Tunupo

Around the 3rd to 5th of September Bernie, Richard, Mike and I had plans to do some exploring around the southern Ruahines. We bailed out a day early with too much snow for the gear we’d brought, not to mention an extended mountain forecast of 120km/h galeforce nor-westerlies in exposed mountain areas on Sunday. Okay, … Read more

Punter gets Lift Off in the Ruahines

The Route: Mangakukeke Road End to Purity Hut then on to the tops of Wooden Peg and Iron Peg, across and down the ridge heading south east past Pinnacle Creek to Pourangaki Hut. Sunday was down the Pourangaki River to Kelly Knight but then along the trail back to the Mangakukeke Road End. The Stats: … Read more

Purity Hut

I’d softened. After basking in the Australian sun for the last two years and next to no opportunity to climb hills, I was a tad anxious about my ability to cope with a fashion statement involving boots, let alone for a whole weekend. As part of my easing back into the back-country life, I had … Read more