Snowcraft 2016

20 beginner alpinists, 5 instructors, 2 teams and 1 mountain to conquer. Two packed vans and one car left a windy Wellington behind, with sights set on Mt Ruapehu. The drive up offered long and tedious discussions about what the name of our team was going to be, and to Brendan’s delight we settled for … Read more

Post-snowcraft trip to Tahurangi

Conscious that we had only had one weekend away instead of the usual two I made the offer to the group that if they came up with an idea for a post Snowcraft trip and organised it I would come with them on it. Dan and Amie were up for the challenge and in no … Read more

Tales from Snowcraft 2015

First the winds of change blew through WTMC! Initiation rites that used to be undertaken to achieve membership were abandoned. Initiation rites like having to survive two overnight trips with the club, being seen in a holey ice breaker jumper, proving you can pronounce “Tararua” and know what scroggin is, bribing a trip leader or … Read more

Snowcraft 2014 – Part 2

Continued from Snowcraft 2014 Part 1 in last month’s newsletter… On the way up to Whakapapa it got darker and cold. We could see by the side of the road from National Park that a lot more snow fell during the week. On the drive up the Bruce, past the snow chain bay the van … Read more

Snowcraft 2014 – Part 1

Ah what luxury! Showers, flushing toilets, running water, electricity and hot water on demand! I speak of course of the opulent WTMC lodge a stones throw away from the Top O the Bruce on Ruapehu.  Compared to huts, even Great Walk huts(!) the lodge presents a sense of civilised creature comforts that are otherwise sacrificed … Read more

There’s No Business like Snow Business – The Snowcraft Course Production and the (near) Ascent of Mt Minger

Featuring Assembled Cast Members: Ye Enlightened and Wise Instructors: Sharron Came, Mike Phethean, Marie Henderson Keen Bean Students: Sam Thorndon, Fiona Elliot, Emily Shrosbee, Doug Jones, Adam Threlkeld, Inky Hickey, Nicky Shields, Megan Sety, James Skeggs First of all, if you’ve never done the snowcraft course or been on trips in the snow, I would … Read more

Snowcraft 2 – A reply from the Elites

Quick out of the blocks on Friday night at 5.30pmish, Snowcraft 2 set off for our second trip to The Mountain. Due to delays from phaffing, traffic and phaffing, some had to consume their Bulls kebabs on-the-run. The sun-gods seemed to have turned their back on Whakapapa this time, choosing instead to warm the faces … Read more

Snowcraft – 1st weekend: A brief report from the Podium Group (Not to be confused with the ‘elite’ group…)

When signing up in the balmy month of May, it wasn’t there yet. And even for many long weeks into June, there was hardly any snow on the ski fields at the big hill in the North, which we can often see on a clear day when tramping in our Tararua backyard. However, we still … Read more