A Summer Weekend at the WTMC Lodge

Journey prep at the station after work on Friday involved us fitting five bikes, eight people and eight packs into and onto the van. The jigsaw came together well with people generally strapped in seats and bikes generally strapped to the bike rack so we had a comfortable if slow journey up to the lodge … Read more

Squeaky Clean Ruapehu

I signed up to this trip with very unalturistic motives – I was enormously curious to see the “lodge” that everyone at the club keeps talking about. In my head I pictured one of the huts on the great walks – which most trampers consider the height of luxury – and have flush toilets, lights … Read more

All the colours at Red Crater and Blue Lake

Dan’s Red Crater group pretty much got to do what they set out to do, but didn’t exactly get to see what they set out to see. We left Wellington early Friday evening under an even mix of blue sky and high cloud.  By the time we reached Kapiti, there was no cloud, the blue seemed bluer … Read more

Two Beautiful Weekends at Ruapehu Lodge

Raymond Morgan has run the first two transport/food/accommodation trips to our Ruapehu Lodge this season, and I was lucky enough to get onto both trips. While a lot of us got in some great skiing and boarding, Ray took us on some amazing adventures as well. I’m hooked! 18-20 July – Ruapehu Looking back at Ruapehu … Read more

Snow-related fun around Tongariro

Camping high in vicinity of the Emerald Lakes with a possible Ngauruhoe summit was the plan; a windblasted dash past Red Crater and a good proportion of the Tongariro Northern Circuit was the reality – a great post-snowcraft introduction to alpine trips for me! Chitchat over fish and chips in Bulls produced several alternatives to … Read more

Girdlestone Alp 2 – Meeting Friends

Planning mountaineering trips like this in advance you hope for at least one goodish day out of two so that you can get to the summit. This time was different – the forecast was brilliant 5 days before and fell to a little windy by Friday. The only problem with weather like this is the … Read more

Tongariro in the mist – peak bagging for 8 year olds – November 2011

Everyone knows the Ruapehu Lodge is where you go for winter weekends; for snowboarding, alpine adventures and the like.  Summer?  What’s there in Summer?  Well, that was our mission: to find out. I well know that the lodge is very comfortable for regular punters and families alike. It needs to be because snowboarding at Mt … Read more

Ruapehu Round-the-Mountain

Thursday Thursday 5.30pm found Amanda and I corralling punters into our respective vans at a very busy platform 9 on a warm and overcast evening. We were headed for the club lodge for the night; the other van was headed for somewhere north of Taupo. Unusually, we encountered no traffic issues; we were all the … Read more