Flying Bed Story

So you think skiing at Ruapehu is a bit of a hassle. A lengthy drive to the WTMC Lodge, sharing bunkrooms with noisy (or not noisy enough) others, cooking, cleaning and the other odd jobs that are actually just part of lodge life are all too much for you? Well, if so, then you don’t know how lucky you really are…
Take your time to listen to the rollicking story of a club ski trip to the maunga over Labour Weekend 1948. If those club members could come away with good memories of their trip then so should you, given the luxury we enjoy with our own modern club transport and lodge.


So sign up to a club ski weekend or better still book yourself in for a ski week and find out just how good it really can be on the big maunga. For starters take a look at

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  1. Well Geoff – that’s great to hear. You are welcome at the lodge anytime (subject to terms and conditions).

    But did you listen to the story? If not you should get a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and listen to what it was like to go on a club ski weekend in 1948.

    Tony G
    Lodge Promotions


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