Track talk – March 2014

Update: Winter 2014 Schedule is out!

New Trip Schedule

The new trip schedule will come out on the 30th March. All that remains to be seen is what colour Megan will choose for it this time! A big thank you to all who took part in trip planning night and who have signed up to lead trips.

As usual, a particular thank you to all the trip leaders who will be leading for the first time. Please be as helpful to them as possible if you are on their trip.

Which means now is the time for all members to take advantage of some fun trips and go out tramping heaps.

Wellington Rogaines – Navigational Practice

Rogaines are a form of orienteering where you have to get around to as many controls in a set amount of time. They are a very good way to improve your navigational skills as map reading is key. About every month there is an after work rogaine taking place in the Wellington area. Details can be found online at

If you need someone to go with you, how about putting a post on the club forum.

Trip payments and refunds

We are currently checking all payments have been made the 1.5 weeks in advance for North Island trips and 2.5 weeks in advance for South Island trips. It is noticeable that a substantial number of people are not paying by the deadline. Please do so.

It is important to pay on time as the trip leader may take you off the list of punters for the trip. The trip leaders seem to have to do a bit too much chasing people up, which is extra work they shouldn’t have to do.

The committee recently agreed to a policy for refunds as we believe that some clarification is needed. The new policy will be published on the website with the minutes and join the others in the policies section.

If the trip is cancelled by the trip leader for bad weather / safety then the club will provide everybody with a full refund. If you, as an individual, decide that, the weather is not to your liking, you have other engagements or you have a short term illness then there is no refund.

It is worth mentioning that trip money goes towards the transport costs of the club. This takes some arranging in advance. It is unreasonable for others to have to pick up someone else’s share of the costs if that person has committed to the trip and then cancels.

There will be exceptions to this rule and if you are unsure please contact the chief guide. Most these exceptions are likely to be for compassionate reasons, funerals etc.

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