Trip Grades and Types

On this page: Information about grades and types of trips

Tramping Trip Grades

Grade Terrain Pace Rests Walking hours per day
Easy* (E) Tracks Leisurely Frequent 4 – 5 hours
Easy-Medium* (EM) Tracks and some routes Steady Regular 5 – 6 hours
Medium (M) Tracks and routes Steady Regular 6 – 8 hours
Medium-Fit (MF) Tracks and routes Quicker Regular 8 – 10 hours
Fit (F) Tracks and routes Quick Some 7 – 11 hours
Fitness Essential (FE) All terrain Extremely quick Some 9 – 12 hours

* Recommended grade for a first trip with the club: Easy or Easy-Medium

Trip Types

Code Description
Tramp Overnight tramp
Day  1 day walk, not overnight, usually local, unless based at Ruapehu Lodge or other
Family Day walk or overnight tramp/camp, suitable for children.
Alp 1 Requires skills equivalent to snowcraft course level (ice axe & crampon use)
Alp 2 Requires skills equivalent to alpine instruction course level (ice axe, crampons & rope skills)
Alp 3 Requires Alpine 2 skills plus significant alpine experience and confidence
Nav Tramp with an emphasis on navigation skills. Expect the unexpected!
Instr Instruction courses-may be run by the club or external organizations
Kayak Sea kayak trip
MTB Mountain Biking trip
Cycle Road cycle or cycle tour (overnight trips require panniers)
Rock Rock Climbing trip
Tube River travel in a truck inner tube or similar
Run Mountain Running
Trap Overnight tramp, trap baiting and clearing.
Maint Day or overnight tramp for hut cleaning and maintenance.


River crossing. Tramping trips run most weekends throughout the year with longer trips over Christmas and the long holidays.

We tramp just about anywhere in the lower North Island, particularly the Remutaka, Tararua and Ruahine Forest Parks, and the top of the South Island with occasional trips as far south as Arthur’s Pass, Mt Cook National Park and Rakiura National Park on Stewart Island.

We have a range of trip grades to suit everyone, from easy day trips around Wellington to strenuous multi-day tramps.

All our trips are led by experienced club members and follow our trip planning and safety procedures.

Family Tramping

Family tramping. Family tramping trips are run as day walks and overnight trips and are run regularly throughout the year mainly in the Wellington region.

The children on these trips range in age from about 2 years to 12 years old. All children are accompanied by an adult.

To Join a Family Trip

The trip schedule lists all family trips that are coming up. To join a family trip you don’t have to go to a club night, simply email our families contact person. If you’d like to be notified of up and coming family trips please email our families contact person.

Alpine Mountaineering

For alpine mountaineering and tramping, the club offers:

Alpine mountaineering.

  1. Relatively straight forward trans-alpine tramps involving tops travel in the North and South Islands
  2. Mountaineering trips featuring specific climbing objectives that range from the straight forward (no ropes required), to the technically difficult
  3. Instruction courses (snowcraft) to enable members to learn new skills and come on alpine trips.

Types of Alpine Trips

The club runs three types of alpine trips:

  • ALP1 requires skills equivalent to snowcraft level (ability to use ice axe and crampons);
  • ALP2 requires skills equivalent to an AIC course level (ability to use ice axe, crampons and ropes);
  • ALP3 requires ALP2 skills plus significant alpine experience and confidence.

Most alpine mountaineering trips are graded Medium or Fit.

To Join an Alpine Trip

All alpine trips being run are listed on the main trip schedule or the alpine trip schedule.

Safety Comes First

As is the nature of alpine trips, climbing objectives can, and often do, change due to weather and snow conditions. Sometimes your trip leader will cancel the trip. Safety comes first.

Email the Chief Guide if you’d like further information on Alpine mountaineering.


Sea kayaks. We offer sea kayaking trips throughout the year.

Our sea-kayaking takes place on protected or sheltered waters such as the Marlborough Sounds, Abel Tasman, North Island lakes or Wellingtons harbours.

All kayak trips are lead by experienced club members and most are organised with the help of a kayak company.

To join a kayak trip you must be:

  • physically fit (with a strong back) and
  • able to swim

The kayak grades are:

Easy No prior experience required
Medium Strenuous, not necessary technically challenging
May require some prior experience

The kayak company usually provide:

  • kayaks (usually double kayaks)
  • paddling gear
  • a safety briefing
  • some basic instruction.

Trips are very social in nature and are designed to be enjoyable rather than overly strenuous.

The club does not run river based white-water trips.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes. Mountain bike trips are run throughout the year, going to places around Wellington, up to Rotorua and Taranaki and south to the Marlborough Sounds, the Heaphy track and Whakamarina.

Most trips require mountain bike experience and fitness.

Rock Climbing

The club runs trips to popular North Island climbing spots including Taupo, Taranaki and Ruapehu as well as running trips to the South Island for climbing in and around Christchurch, Wanaka, Queenstown and Dunedin.

Most of the ‘Rock’ trips are run over the summer with trips running less frequently during the winter, but that’s the time for alpine adventure. Please check our current trip schedule.

Indoor (sport) climbing happens at the climbing walls run by Fergs Rock n Kayak and Hangdog. Members get a discount at Fergs if climbing on Wednesday nights.  The club can also help organise lead climbing courses when numbers are sufficient.

Climbing is an activity that is dangerous if done incorrectly and it is a requirement that individual climbers take responsibility for their own safety.

If you would like to know more about these trips or would like to go somewhere that you don’t see listed in the trip schedule please contact the Chief Guide

And More!

Skiing, Ski Touring and many more… Like Canyoning is proving quite popular and gaining a place on the schedule, stay involved!