The club owns two Ford Transit turbo-diesel vans.  These are bigger, roomier, more powerful and more comfortable than the more common Hi-ace vans you may have had inflicted on you on other journeys.


Each holds 12 people.  Both vans have bike racks and snow chains, as well as generous luggage space at the back behind a safety cage.

The van interiorThe club always needs confident drivers so please contact the Transport Officer if you wish to help out with this important and essential duty.

Information for Drivers

Using the Club Vans

The trip leader(s) will nominate someone to do the driving. Trip leaders are not obliged to drive the van.

To drive the club van, you need to…

  • read the club driver protocols (copy at the bottom of this webpage),
  • fill in a Driver Vetting Form (copy at the bottom of this webpage),
  • submit a photocopy of your drivers licence to the transport officer, and
  • take your drivers license with you on the trip

You are encouraged to

  • attend a minivan familiarisation session.
  • read the laminated sheet inside the van before departure; this contains useful notes about the van
  • not drive for long periods of time i.e. it is best to use two drivers and take regular breaks when driving to the Ruapehu Lodge or similar distances

Van Location and Keys Pick Up

The club vans are parked near the Interislander ferry terminal. The club Transport officer will give you directions.  The keys must be collected from the club gear room on the Wednesday night prior to your trip.

Van at the Road End

  1. Ensure the van is locked and all windows closed
  2. Leave a copy of your intentions in the van
  3. Ensure no valuables are left in the van, or bags that could contain valuables are visible

Snow Chains

The club vans have snow chains. These will often be required during winter, especially going up to the club lodge on Mt Ruapehu. Familiarise yourself with fitting the chains by watching this video.

Paying for Diesel

Pay for diesel and any other van related purchases using the Fleetcard.

In Case of Breakdown

There is a contact number in the van for 24-hour breakdown recovery

At the End of Your Trip

  1. Leave the van where you found it, ensuring you lock it and have closed all windows
  2. Text or email the latest odometer reading to the transport officer for Road User Charge purposes and
  3. Advise of any mechanical issues or motoring incidents that need addressing
  4. Return the keys to the transport officer

Club Alcohol Policy for Drivers

The club has a policy of no alcohol for drivers (including not drinking in the 24 hours before driving). If a group member has been drinking they are not to drive, even if they may be under the legal limit.

The club has a zero tolerance.

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