Club Gear

The club provides specialised or group equipment for trips:

Hire/loan For what trip Gear Cost (per week)
Loan Club trips* Billies
First aid kits
Personal locator beacons
Alpine tents
No charge
Hire Club alpine trips* Helmets

Ice axes


$2 for members
$5 for non members

$5 for members
$10 for non members

$5 for members
$10 for non members

Hire Private trips by club members**

Note: Club PLBs are not available
for hire on private trips.
PLBs can be hired from outdoor stores.

First aid kits
Ice axes
Dehydrator (See bottom of page)
$5 per item
(members only)

*Trips leaders will allocate people to collect and take communal gear on club trips.

** Club gear is not available for loan or hire to non-members for private trips.

If you lose or destroy gear hired from WTMC, we will ask you to buy equivalent replacement gear.

Any damage to club gear should be reported to the gear person when the gear is returned so it can be repaired.

Club gear must be returned the Wednesday after it is taken out, so that it can be available for the following weekend’s trips.

Flies and tents must be returned clean and dry to avoid mould.

If you have any queries about WTMC gear hire, or you’d like to volunteer to help out on the Wednesday night gear roster, contact our gear custodian,  or complete our Wednesday night online roster.

Personal Locator Beacons (PLB)

Each PLB should be kept inside its dry bag, and only used in accordance with the club PLB policy.

The club owns two different types of PLBs. Each has a letter for easy identification of the serial number.

  • A 1212272759
  • B 1310291875
  • C 906143581
  • D 1311295837
  • E 1311292780
  • F 220_597366

Watch a video on how to operate these PLB here:

– FastFind 220 (starts at 0:50)


Dehydrators are a great tool for cutting down on the weight and the cost of food on long tramping trips. They also make meal times easy – all you have to do is re-hydrate your and bring it to the boil to heat it.

The club owns a l’equip Filter Pro Dehydrator which is available for club members to rent. The cost is $5.00 per week. Bookings must be made at least one week in advance by emailing  . Payment details will be provided when you book.

The dehydrator can be picked up from the gear room at the Tararua Tramping Club Hall, 4 Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria between 7.00pm and 7.30pm on Wednesdays – just the same as picking up club gear.

The dehydrator comes with an instruction manual. If for some reason it is not with the dehydrator when you pick it up, it can be accessed here:

There are some recipes in the manual but we recommend the well-tested and delicious dehydrated meal recipes in the club recipe book.

Making dehydrated food does take practice, so don’t expect to get it perfect on your first time!