How to Book the Lodge

The Lodge Is Run by Those Staying

This is important to know before booking.

There is a lodge leader appointed for each stay. We ask that you follow their instructions.

If you are staying at the lodge we ask that you do your bit to help out with its running:

  • Help out with the preparation of all meals
  • Give 30 mins of your time to clean it before you leave.  A duties roster will be organised for your stay, asking you to look after a particular part of the lodge.

Online Booking — preferred method

This is the most reliable booking method. Availability and your booking will be confirmed by the online booking system immediately.

The internet based booking system will give you an option to request either a double (shared) or single bunk and you will have the ability to state your bunk or room preference. Every effort will be made to accommodate your selected preference. However, depending on prior selection by others your bunk preference is not guaranteed.

Contact the Lodge Booking Officer

Alternatively you can contact the booking officer using our contact form – select ‘Lodge’ in the ‘To’ box of the form.

Bookings cannot be confirmed until payment is made. Online bookings will take precedence until payment is received and the Booking Officer has the time to process your booking manually.

Please state:

  1. Your name, email and phone number (mobile preferred),
  2. arrival/departure dates,
  3. number of nights,
  4. names of individuals,
  5. Member/ Non Member,
  6. booking type, e.g. adult (see rates table)
  7. bunk preference (if you have one).

How to Pay

When booking using – pay by credit card.

If booking manually – pay for your stay by depositing your money in the WTMC Club bank account.

Use ‘Your Name – Ruapehu- Arrival Date’ as the banking reference, and let the Lodge booking officer know when you have paid and how much.

Booking Rules

1. Booking priority

Bookings are first come, first served, with bookings open earlier for members than non-members.

2. Booking confirmation

Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received.


3. Winter weekends

  1. Run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, including all meals on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If planning to stay only one night in a weekend you still need to pay for the whole weekend.
  2. Bookings must be made by 9pm on the Wednesday prior to the weekend you want to book so that the food can be organised.

4. Winter weeks

  1. Run for 5 nights from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, during the winter ski season.

5. Vouching for non-members

When a member books non-members into the lodge they are accepting responsibility for their behaviour and character.

6. Direct Bookings from Non-Members.

  1. Bookings from non-members can be accepted. Bookings MAY be refused if they do not have Club members prepared to vouch for them.
  2. Non-members booking online will be required to enter a referring members name into the booking system.
  3. The lodge must always have a member staying in the lodge. Non-members not already accompanied by a member should contact the booking officer first before making a booking to check there is a member present for the stay.

7. Transport

  1. It is your responsibility to get yourself to and from the Lodge.
  2. Be prepared for winter driving and carry snow chains.
  3. If you need transport, then mention this to the Lodge Booking Officer; there may be car-pooling options available.

8. Refunds

All booking cancellations must be made through the Lodge Booking Officer. Refunds will be made on the following basis:
  1. Trips of 5 nights or more: Providing a cancellation is received by 8.00pm three Mondays before the trip runs, refund is 50% of total booking. Otherwise, there is no refund.
  2. Trips of less than 5 nights: Providing cancellation is received by 8.00pm, two Mondays before the trip runs, refund is 50% of total booking. Otherwise, there is no refund.
  3. All other refund requests will be made at the discretion of the General Committee.

9. Closure due to weather conditions

We do not issue refunds due to adverse weather conditions or if Bruce Road is closed. We advise that visitors check the weather conditions before setting out and adjust plans accordingly. The club has been advised that Bruce Road will be closed at 6pm if snow is forecast.

10. Lodge Capacity

Lodge capacity is 32 persons including babies sleeping in cots. Due to safety regulations, overbooking the lodge on any night is not permitted.

Cost to Stay in the Lodge

Great news for families and teens! Thanks to your support we’ve been able to maintain lower youth rates to encourage more young people and family groups to use our lodge.

Summer Rates

Nov 2019 to 25th June 2020

Members (per night) Non-members (per night)
Adult $16 $26
$12 $21
$6 $11

Winter Rates

28 Jun 2019 to 27 Oct 2019

Members (per night) Non-members (per night)
Adult $47 $72
$32 $47
$10 $10


  • All values GST Inclusive.
  • 2 night minimum stay, Fri and Sat nights.
  • Winter rates include food ; Summer rates do not include food.

To book a place at the Lodge, follow our instructions above in this page or contact the Lodge booking officer for further information.

Lodge Calendar

Winter bookings open on 1 May for members, and 1 Jun for non-members.

Date (Sat) Weekend Following Week Notes
20-Apr-2019 Easter Hols
27-Apr-2019 ANZAC (Thu 25th) Hols. Member bookings open 1 May
4-May-2019 Maintenance working party
11-May-2019 Cleaning working party 15 May non-member bookings open for June
25-May-2019 Food working party
1-Jun-2019 Queens Birthday Happy Valley opening. Non member bookings open
22-Jun-2019 Solstice
29-Jun-2019 Season start
6-Jul-2019 Snowcraft Hols – half price kids
13-Jul-2019 Families Hols
20-Jul-2019 Snowcraft
27-Jul-2019 Van
3-Aug-2019 Families – club trips
10-Aug-2019 Van – R18 Group booking – lodge booked out
17-Aug-2019 Club trips
24-Aug-2019 Van – ski touring Group booking – lodge booked out
31-Aug-2019 Families Group booking – lodge booked out
7-Sep-2019 R18 – ski touring WTMC club ski week – all welcome
14-Sep-2019 Families – club trips Group booking – lodge booked out
21-Sep-2019 Interclub races Whakapapa Ladies’ week – all welcome
28-Sep-2019 Hols
5-Oct-2019 Families Hols – half price kids
26-Oct-2019 Labour weekend –
3 nights for price of 2
Season end