Publication Details

The WTMC newsletter is published for members of the club and includes club news, committee updates, upcoming events and trip reports. We welcome all contributions.

Newsletter History

The WTMC has been publishing a newsletter in some form since 1948. For decades this newsletter has been mailed to members. In 2010 we began offering an email version and posting PDF files on our website. In 2014 we launched a newsletter blog. We are working to post all of the past newsletters and journals in our online archive.

How to Submit WTMC Club News and Upcoming Events

If you have any news items, stories and event notices that you would like to publish in the newsletter, email the newsletter editor.

What to Put in a Wtmc Trip Report

Trip reports from club trips and club member’s private trips are published in every newsletter. Trip reports are usually 500-1000 words long and include the following: trip dates, trip grade, trampers and leader, report author, and general location. Please include no more than 8 photos, under 500KB in size.

The most useful trip reports include information that would be helpful for others interested in doing the trip. Think about how to describe the trip in a way that would make a reader interested in doing the trip you did, or not!  Some things you might include:

  • Road-end you started/ended at
  • Length of the drive
  • If you were on a track, poled-route, off track navigation
  • Track conditions – big climbs, river crossings, slips, confusing parts to navigate
  • If the weather would change the trip
  • If there were spectacular views, good or unique huts
  • If it was an unusual place to visit

You could also include some tidbits about funny mishaps, delicious food and unexpected adventures. Be sure to explain any jokes or humour so our readers can be in on the fun.

How to Subscribe to the Newsletter

WTMC members receive a monthly email notifying them of the last month’s trip reports and new committee updates. Currently this email list is only available to paying members. However, you can always visit our newsletter blog for the latest updates.

How to Submit Other Items for Publication

If you’d like to submit an item for publishing in the newsletter please contact the newsletter editor or consider posting the information on the WTMC Forum. The newsletter editor reserves the right to publish submissions.


The views expressed in the articles in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club. Any queries or comments should be directed to the writer of the article. The editor of the newsletter reserves the right to edit and publish articles.