Outdoor adventure films at the Documentary Film Festival

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      The Documentary Film Festival currently playing at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar has several outdoor adventure films which may be of interest to club members:

      The Great White Whale
      “Deep in the wild Southern Ocean, halfway between Australia and Africa, a snowy volcano almost three thousand meters high rears up from the sea like a mythical great white whale. Five times that great white whale of a mountain tried to kill the first team that sought to reach its summit. Yet in 1964, back they sailed, through the worst seas in the world, to try again, this time with legendary explorer Bill Tilman as their skipper. This is the extraordinary tale of those first attempts to climb Big Ben, the smoking glacier-ringed volcano on Heard Island told by those who were there. At times expeditioner John Crick sings the songs too, as befits such an epic saga.”

      Screening at the Roxy on Monday the 8th of July at 5.45 pm

      Invisible Summit
      “Zhang Hong is an eternal hustler who comes from a poor family in China and lost his sight when he was only 21 years old. While his wife aspires to a peaceful life, Hong keeps trying to be successful in order to prove himself and to bring a better life for his family. Now as he works as a blind masseur in Tibet, a typical job for a disabled person in China, the 45-year-old family man ventures out for something not so ordinary: climbing Mount Everest. After preparing for this expedition for the past five years, he hopes to finally turn his luck around.”

      Screening at the Roxy on Thursday the 11th of July at 8.00 pm

      Ice Maiden
      “The film charts the astonishing journey of Australian adventurer Lisa Blair, as she attempts to be the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around Antarctica. Equal parts ambitious and treacherous, this trip has only ever been completed twice. Blair aims to break the record for speed. Confidently conquering the most perilous parts of the journey, Blair’s confidence grows, but it is shattered when unexpected, life-threatening weather conditions cause catastrophe. She will need to dig into every ounce of courage, determination, and self-belief if she wants to finish this course and survive the most dangerous waters on the planet.”

      Screening at the Roxy on Sunday the 14th of July at 8.00 pm

      Check out the festival website for further details. (I’d give you a link except for some reason this forum won’t let me post links.)

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