Alpine Trips

Fixed Alpine Trip Schedule

Below is the list of WTMC alpine trips that are scheduled to go to specific destinations on specific weekends in Winter 2020.

Scroll down the page to find out more information about the WTMC ‘Flexible Alpine Schedule’, which is for “short notice” trips to enable more alpine trips to go ahead and more club members to get out and practice their skills.

For all trips, go to main trip page…

Schedule for the 2023 season

If you are interested in leading alpine trips, please contact the Chief Guide. For all tramping and alpine trips, go to the trip schedule...

Flexible Alpine Trip Schedule

The Flexible Alpine Schedule is based on using a Wednesday weather forecast to pinpoint where the best weather conditions are for that weekend, and then plan an alpine trip in that area. These “short notice” trips are to enable more alpine trips to go ahead and more club members to get out and practice their skills.

Flexible schedule for the 2023 season
The flexible alpine trip schedule is not available yet. Please contact the chief guide if you would like to lead a trip on the flexible schedule.

As with tramping trips, Trip Leaders have the right to refuse people on trips if they are unsure about their capabilities. This is even more important in an alpine environment, where the risks and consequences are often more serious. 

To register your interest for a trip, please email the address in column F by 12pm the Wednesday before the trip. Please include in that email:

  • Any relevant medical conditions
  • Any relevant dietary requirements 
  • If you have a cooker/gas you are willing to bring
  • If you have a car you are willing to bring
  • If you have a tent for alpine camping and how many it can sleep
  • Confirmation you can meet the trip leader’s requirements (see column E)
  • If you do not know the leader, a short description of your alpine experience
  • An emergency contact person
  • A cell phone number if the leader needs to get hold of you urgently

The Trip Leader or Facilitator will email you by 6pm Wednesday evening to let you know if you need to pick up any club gear.

They will also email you as soon as they are able to let you know:

  • The trip plan (or that the trip is cancelled due to weather)
  • Gear and food requirements/allocations
  • Any costs you are required to pay before the trip departs

It is up to you to be watching your emails and be responsive to Trip Leader or Facilitator directions and deadlines from the Wednesday onwards. The Trip Leader or Facilitator will not chase you if they do not hear from you.