Committee and Roles

Club Structure

Running the WTMC is a big undertaking: we have over 500 members and we generally run between 2 and 7 trips each weekend. That’s a lot of logistics, transport, gear and organisation! In addition, we have our social nights to run, our two huts to look after, our website to update, and our newsletter and journal to publish and distribute. There are many people involved in making the club work. We’ve drawn up the diagram below to help you navigate who does what. We’re always looking for more help, so please get in touch with the committee if you feel able to assist, even if only in a small way.

Committee Structure Diagram

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Our Committee

Emily Shrosbree, President

The president’s job is essentially to ensure other club committee members can satisfactorily carry out their own tasks – it is the chief guide, secretary, treasurer and other organisers that actually do all the hard work.

I’ve been an active member of WTMC since 2013 – you’ll mostly find me out in the hills or next to the trip sign-up board deciding where to explore next!
Tony Gazley  Tony Gazley, Vice President

My role as the Vice President of WTMC is to support the President, the rest of the committee and all our members to run this fantastic club.

I joined the club many years ago, then left to do other things, but they were always outdoor related such as adventure racing, mountain running and orienteering. I re-joined a few years back to find a club with a completely differnt culture – but one that is still vibrant and exciting. Your committee is intending to remain that way – and even get better yet. We hope you will come along for the fun.
Matt Conway, Chief Guide My job is to make sure that we have a great trip schedule, and that they run smoothly and safely. This relies on you all coming up with great ideas that will attract leaders and trampers. If you think that the club should do a trip or training – suggest it!
Maj-Britt Engelhardt, Assistant Chief Guide

The role of the assistant chief guide is to help the chief guide in the running of the club trip schedule, in particular ensuring that the trip sign-up sheets are up-to-date.

I’m relatively new to the club and proof that the outdoors is for anyone. You’ll find me at most club nights (come up and say G’day), tramping, or on some other adventure in NZ.
  Heather Garven, Secretary Hi!  I’m the club’s secretary and support the rest of the committee in running the best tramping (and mountaineering) club for miles around.  I’m the minute taker at committee meetings and minute writer for the website.  I clear the mail (snail and email) and am keen to answer questions from prospective members – I look forward to hearing from you (see under Contact on our website).
Graeme Hearfield, Treasurer My job as treasurer is to manage the club finances, including paying suppliers, reimbursing members and preparing the annual financial statements. I’ve been a club member for just over a year and I enjoy climbing, running, skiing and spending time outdoors.
Rene Auer, Transport Officer (Logistics) My job is to help groups get to their destination by allocating the clubs vans and organizing additional transportation where required, such as rental vehicles and ferries, and for driver vetting. Making my job so much easier is Pete Silverwood, whose efficient van maintenance keeps the vans in running order ready for the weekends.
Jane Jane Latchem, Membership Officer My role mainly involves receiving applications for membership and answering questions about becoming a member. I make sure members’ contact information is up to date – so remember to let me know about any changes of phone numbers, email, and street address.  Easy or Easy Medium tramps are my thing. But I’d love to do the Southern Crossing one day so I’d better start tackling some Medium tramps!
Aimee Aimee Paterson, Promotions Officer
  Tony Stephens, Social Convenor I’m our WTMC social convenor, which means that I MC our Wednesday evening club nights, and ensure everything runs smoothly including organizing the tea and biscuits and ensuring our presenters have everything they need. If you have any ideas about presentations you’d like to see at our club nights, or other social events we should run, or if you’d like to help setting up the tea and biscuits on occasion, get in touch with me.
  Sumudu Jayalath, Communications Officer My job is to ensure WTMC communicates effectively with you! I want you to be able to find the right information about club activities that interest you quickly and easily. And I want to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on so you can get involved with the WTMC community both in and out of the hills.
Brian Goodwin, Ruapehu Lodge Convenor
Natasha Harris, Newsletter Editor My job as the newsletter editor is to encourage members to document their awesome adventures with the club through trip reports and photos, which I then upload onto the club’s online newsletter. The newsletter is a great source of information if you are planning a trip to an area where the club has been (which is pretty much everywhere!) It is also a great way to keep up to date with the shenanigans our club members get up to when they are out in the hills. Make sure you have a look!
Juan Rada-Vilela, Webmaster My role as the Web President (informally known as “webmaster”) is to ensure and improve the operation of our website and related services so that our volunteers and visitors can enjoy a platform that is easy, fast, and reliable to use.
George Bowman, General Committee As a general committee member I provide an extra pair of hands – sometimes this means filling in for other committee members or helping out with whatever else needs doing.
Journal Editor Tony Gazley
Gear Custodian Yenfei Chan
Emergency Contacts Coodinator Mark Pothecary
Family Tramping Coordinators Beth Piggott, Richard Lyth
Alpine Coordinator David Jewell
Trip Monies Coordinator Vacant
Paua Hut Bookings Ann & Phil Kendon
Paua Hut Maintenance Kate Cushing
Ruapehu Lodge Bookings Mike Gilbert
SAR Wayne Stevens
Van Maintenance Peter Silverwood
Van Cleaning Vacant (DPY), Vacant (WTMC)
Trip Statistics Steve Kohler
Mailing FMC Bulletins Mark Pothecary, Garth Ireland
Sexual harassment contacts Tony Gazley and Emily Shrosbree
Bullying contact(s) Committee: Vacant

Non-Committee: Vacant

(Please let know if you would be interested to take on this role).
Privacy Officer Emily Shrosbree (this role sits with the current President or Vice President)

Committee Job Descriptions

File attachments: President Role Description Vice President Role Description Treasurer Role Description Secretary Role Description Chief Guide Role Description Assistant Chief Guide Role Description Membership Officer Role Description Transport Officer Role Description Ruapehu Lodge Covenor Role Description Webmaster Role Description Communications Officer Role Description Gear Custodian Role Description Paua Hut Booking/Maintence Officer Role Description Emergency Contact Co-ordinator Role Description Promotions Officer Role Description Social Convenor Role Description Newsletter Editor Role Description ~

Committee and Club Meeting Minutes

The most recent Committee and club meeting minutes are attached below.

Older Committee meeting minutes can be found on the archives page.

File attachments: 2017 AGM Minutes Final April 2017 Minutes May 2017 Minutes June 2017 Minutes July 2017 Minutes August 2017 Minutes September 2017 Minutes October 2017 Minutes November 2017 Minutes December 2017 Minutes February 2018 Minutes 2018 AGM Minutes March 2018 Minutes May 2018 Minutes June 2018 Minutes July 2018 Minutes August 2018 Minutes September 2018 Minutes October 2018 Minutes November 2018 Minutes December 2018 Minutes February 2019 Minutes March 2019 Minutes 2019 AGM Draft Minutes May 2019 Minutes June 2019 Minutes July 2019 Minutes August 2019 Minutes September 2019 Minutes October 2019 Minutes November 2019 Minutes ~

Get Involved in Running the Club

We always need help to run the club. If you feel you’d like to help us out in any way contact us!

To become a member on the committee, complete the form attached to this webpage or email someone on the committee to get more information on what is involved. The form should be given the secretary (who can often be found at club night), or you can scan it and send it to the secretary (contact details found by following above link).

File attachments: WTMC committee nomination form