Battery Amnesty!

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    Battery Amnesty – bring your old batteries to club and get them recycled for free!

    The Club is working towards treading a little more lightly on our earth. One way of doing this is making it easy for our members to recycle responsibly. That is why we are organizing a battery amnesty where you can bring along your old dead batteries to club night and we will pay for them to be recycled responsibly for you – what a deal!

    What does it mean to recycle responsibly? We will be taking the batteries to the Wellington Sustainability Trust, who charge $5 a kilo for recycling batteries (they also offer a lot of other e-waste recycling services). They send the e-waste to IT Recycla who look to reuse as much of it as they can.

    We know you have a stash of old batteries, from your head torch or your GPS device, rolling around in the top drawer. Bring them along to club on 19 or 26 August, hand them over to the door monitor, and remove a little bit of environmental guilt from your life!

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