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    Club members may be interested in the film Before Everest which is being shown at the New Zealand International Film Festival. It tells the story of the first ever New Zealand expedition to the Himalayas, in 1951, and the strained relationship between two of the members, Ed Hillary and Earle Riddiford, the expedition leader.

    The Film festival is mainly on-line this year, but there is a cinema screening of Before Everest at 1.30 on Saturday at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar.

    See for details.

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    Apologies for these duplicate posts. I wrote this post 5 weeks ago but when I tried to save it something went wrong and it vanished into a black hole. So I wrote it again but when I tried to save that one it vanished into a black hole as well. So I tried a third time and that one worked. And now, five weeks later, the first two have suddenly popped out of the black hole and appeared on the forum! How utterly bizarre! (An eight-month-old post by Miles Davison also seems to have popped out of the black hole, so maybe he had the same problem.)

    It’s a pity the late, great physicist Stephen Hawking is no longer with us because if he was still around the Forum’s software engineers could call him in on the case – he was a renowned expert on things disappearing into and remerging out of black holes……

    Anyway, I hope some others got to see Before Everest – it was an interesting film.

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