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    Hi folks,

    Thanks for your patience! First up, the true or false section:

    1. The previous Prime Minister Helen Clark gave a presentation at club: True

    2. The Tararuas is the wettest place in New Zealand: trick question. Actually no, but will accept yes

    3. Shackleton bet Scott to the South Pole: False

    4. Cedric Wilson was a hunter commonly based at Powell Hut. He went shooting one day and never returned. It is said Cedric’s ghost used to be found around the old Powell Hut: True

    5. The Hutt Valleys is the oldest tramping club in the Wellington region: False, the Tararua’s

    6. New Zealand has leaches: True

    7. The Ruamahanga river is the longest river in the Tararua’s: True (this caused some technical discussion but I think you know what I mean, I hope!)

    8. Our club came about by two other tramping clubs joining together: True

    9. The Homer Tunnel was name after Homer Simpson: False

    10. There are four Mitre Peaks in NZ: False

    The International General Knowledge section:

    1. Joe Simpson became well known after writing a book about a climb he was on in South America. Name the book.
    Touching the Void

    2. Who cut the rope?
    Simon Yates

    3. Which is the highest mountain Matterhorn or Mont Blanc?
    Mont Blanc

    4. The north face of the Eiger was successfully climbed in what decade?

    5. Which well known mountain has the Kungshang Face?

    6. Which well known mountain has a feature called the Black Pyramid?

    7. Name the six countries that are part of the Himalaya range?
    Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet/China, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan

    8. What decade did Mallory and Irvine go missing?

    9. Who attempted Everest before the British expedition in 1953?
    The Swiss

    10. Katja recently gave a talk on Svalbard. Svalbard is part of which country?

    More to come…..

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    Here are the multi choice ones:

    1. How long is the Otago Rail Trail?
    a. 150 km
    b. 170 km
    c. 130 km
    d. 140 km
    Answer 150km

    2. In what decade was Mt Egmont/Taranaki first climbed?
    a. 1820s
    b. 1830s
    c. 1840s
    Answer 1830s

    3. Who was the first person to climb Mt Egmont/Taranak?
    a. Heaphy
    b. Dieffenbach
    c. Haast
    Answer Dieffenbach

    4. How much of NZs surface area is above 200 metres in height?
    a. ¾
    b. 2/3
    c. 3/5
    Answer 3/5

    5. How many peaks/points in the Tararua’s are 1500 metres or higher?
    a. 12
    b. 13
    c. 14
    d. 15
    Answer 13

    6. Mt Elie deBeaumont was named after a French geologist. Who named this mountain?
    a. Julius Haast
    b. John Whitcombe
    c. Charlie Harper
    Answer Haast

    7. Which area has the most back-country huts?
    a. Ruahines
    b. Tararua’s
    c. Nelson Lakes NP
    Answer Ruahines

    And the Club General Knowledge

    Who is our current President?
    Sharron C

    In what decade did the club start?

    What ski field is our lodge situated on?

    What was the Duchess?
    The old club truck

    What is the club nickname?
    Tongue and Meats

    According to our President, what is our next form of transport going to be?
    A helicopter

    What tramping club did we inherit Paua hut from?
    Paua Tramping club

    Name two huts in the Tararuas that we built, maintained and burnt down?
    Choice of: Walls Whare, Mountain House, Smith Creek

    At the recent photo competition who won the people’s choice?
    Tony G

    Have bookings for the lodge winter season opened?

    Have you made a booking for the lodge yet???

    And finally, the General Knowledge Section….

    A great friend of Ed Hillary who died in March of this year aged 89.
    George Lowe

    Three people circumnavigated South Georgia in kayaks without any support. What country were they from?
    New Zealand

    The same group paddled around the Antarctic Peninsula. What name do they go by?
    Adventure Philosophy

    What does the S-K stand for and what is it?
    Schormann – Kaitoke. Traversing the Tararua range from north to south.

    Name the river that runs in front of Totara Flats Hut
    Waiohine River

    Name the Pass that featured in Harry’s presentation a few weeks back.
    Ball Pass

    The Ballroom Overhang is on which track?
    Inland Pack Track

    Where do you find the Iris Burn Hut?
    Kepler track

    This track takes you to John Tait Hut
    Travers Track

    Name two huts in the Tararua’s starting with D
    Dundas Hut, Dracophyllum Hut, Dorest Ridge Hut

    Name the river that runs in front of Totara Flats Hut

    The Dieffenbach cliffs are on which North Island mountain?

    That’s it folks!

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    WTMCs Forum (originally called the Notice Board) turns 20 this year. The COVID19 lockdown has been an opportunity to read up on what has been topical over the years. There are some real gems on WTMCs history including Mountain House, the old Club bus, the lodge, the photo competition, and the Journal. If there was one Forum post I would suggest new members read, it is this one with the answers to a quiz presumably held back in 2013. (And yes, Helen Clark did attend a club night and gave a presentation. If you find that post, you will read it was a most enjoyable evening.) The gear item posted and viewed the most over the years appears to be cookers. The activity posted the most and viewed the most, looks to have been pest control. And from memory the post with the most comments was one on trampers getting lost. Happy reading.

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