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    We are changing how we send out the FMC Backcountry magazine. The mailout of FMC cards will still occur each year as in the past. We are doing this as the way our members use this magazine has changed over time and some members do not want the paper magazine delivered to them. This change will save on cost and waste, reducing our environmental impact.

    If you still wish to receive the paper copy of the FMC magazine from WTMC, email: or return post to us by 11 January 2021 with “YES I still want WTMC to continue to post me a paper copy of the FMC magazine” or similar. Please include your name and address. WTMC will continue to mail out the paper copy of the FMC magazine to our members who prefer this option. Members can always access the FMC magazine when the online version is made available on the FMC website.

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