Hollyford Road Reinstatement Petition

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    Tim Dunning

    The Hollyford road was damaged some seven months ago and to date has not been repaired, with no current plan in place to do so. This road provides access to the Hollyford track, Pyke/Big Bay route (a fabulous circuit combined with the Hollyford btw) and a number of shorter day walks as well as wilderness routes.

    There is an online petition to reinstate the road on Change.org if you are of a mind to pressure the authorities to act – please see the link below:


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    Brian Goodwin

    The first 11km of the Hollyford Road, up to the point where it has been washed out, will be repaired. A working group will investigate options for the remaining 5km of the road, which provides access to the Hollyford Track. Better than nothing I say.

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