How can FMC help WTMC?

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    FMC (Federated Mountain Clubs) are asking clubs what they can do to help us.

    The WTMC Committee are happy to put in some suggestions on behalf of our members, but we want to know what you want from FMC. So let me know via zn.gr1558627328o.cmt1558627328w@tne1558627328diser1558627328p1558627328 if you have any suggestions or ideas by Monday 15th October and we will include them in our submission.

    Part of your membership subscription for WTMC goes towards the club’s membership of FMC, so this is a good chance to have your say about what support you would like to see FMC providing its members, or the issues that you’d like to see them campaigning on. You might like to suggest a particular conservation issues or land access issue that you’d like them to tackle, or suggest a resources or service they could provide to help run tramping clubs like ours.

    A recent example of how our FMC Membership has helped WTMC, is their help clarifying the rules around club transport which you might have seen published recently in FMC’s WilderLife forum. This advice was put together as a direct result of a request from WTMC and is now available for all clubs to use.

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