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    Beccy D

    We’re off to do the Larapinta Trail in July (independent but with two food drops). Any tips off anyone who has previously done it? Is 12 days easily achievable for a couple of medium-fit NZ trampers? Is it better East-West or West-East? How much water carrying capacity will we actually need, and do we need a filter (I hear the water at the water stations is safe to drink?)

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    Tony G

    Contact Megan S. She will have all the answers you want to hear and some you won’t …

    Have fun on the trip.


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    marie henderson

    Hi Beccy, did it with the husband just after it opened as a track and there were some places unmarked still. I’ve done a bit of aussie dessert stuff outside this trip too. Go west – east IMO as it’s nice to walk back to Alice. Water tanks are filled form town water by a truck. It can run out (water), but I think they’d be on to it now as very popular in the season. Yes easily achievable. But don’t under estimate as it isn’t all flat or ‘easy track travel’. Some bits sandy. Some bits the rocks can be hard on boots and feet. It is arid conditions which is tiring too (for a bunch of reasons). Near or below zero at night, up to 23C in day (june-july). One day is 30km or carry water for 2days. It is worth doing the mountain at the W end. The East MacDonald ranges (east of Alice) are worth a look too if you can get there. Take a snake bite bandage. Don’t camp in creeks if you can avoid it (it can rain 100’s km away and the water will flood down and you’ll never see a cloud even – it happens). Don’t camp under river red gums if you can help it – they drop whole branches just whenever). Take a fly net for head. Beware chaffing from dried sweat-encrusted cloths and pack etc. Beware of over catering on food – tend to eat less in the dessert. We managed to carry 12 days food no problem, but food drops are a good way to go. The track is close to the road (1-2km) and many car access points for the sites. Some parts are further away, all shown on map. (the proximity of the road means its not real wilderness trip in terms of risks).

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    Beccy D

    Thanks. That’s really helpful. Good advice. We’ve currently booked the logistics for walking west to east, but we were wondering about changing it to east-west…..sounds like we should stick with what we’ve already planned. Good advice on what to take.

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