Quiet weekend at hut ruined by others having quiet weekend at hut

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    Tony Gazley

    Two of us recently went to a Tararua hut for a quiet weekend, but the trip was completely ruined by other couples in the hut for a quiet weekend. It’s difficult to believe people could be so selfish and inconsiderate and just ignore our best interests. It’s beyond us to comprehend the motivation of others to be so totally irresponsible, and we have now lodged a formal complaint with DOC.
    The only thing that saved the weekend for us was calling into Bivouac in Mercer Street on the way home and buying a copy of the 2021 Tramping NZ calendar. You just need to swap $20 cash for a calendar and your sense of wellbeing increases immediately. It’s amazing — try it for yourself.

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    Laramie Penstock

    I would like to complain about the 2021 NZ Tramping Calendar. The photographs show lovely landscapes with snowy peaks, a sun shining from a blue sky and people apparently having a great time.
    Well I went tramping once and it was miserable. It was cold and raining and I fell in the river. So please don’t try and portray tramping as anything but a frivolous and utterly pointless exercise in mud and misery.

    Lt Colonel Laramee Penstock (Ret.)

    PS Thank you for at least writing a post that is up the right way for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

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    I am writing to make a complaint about the above complaint. I think the 2021 NZ Tramping Calendar is well worth the $20 and the beautiful photos show tramping the way it should be.
    And for your information I have been tramping twice and it rained and was miserable both times.

    Horace Luxury-Yacht (Mrs)

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