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    Tony G

    The S-K book has been out of print for over 5 years now. So it is time to make it available on-line to anyone interested – effectively as an archive.
    The most recent times for the S-K are staggeringly fast – whereas once under 24 hours was a major achievement the time went down to 21 hrs 33 mins, then to the first under 20 hours (19 hrs 20 mins by Chris Swallow who was recently tragically killed in the Isle of Mann motor cycle race) to a new record of 18 hrs 15 mins.
    Women are now running under 24 hours, solo, unsupported, and even in appalling weather.
    There appears to be no limit. Attempts to run under 17 hrs have already been made.
    An updated edition of the S-K book recording all the successes and some of the more epic failures is in preparation and likely to be available later this year.

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