Proposed Membership Categories and EGM

Thanks for all your feedback on the proposed membership categories. We received a lot of thoughtful comments, with the vast majority in favour of the proposal put forward to streamline our existing categories of membership. As a result, Committee has agreed to hold an EGM on 26 November so that members can vote on the membership categories proposal. It would be great to have as many club members there as possible.

You can read the details of the proposal here []

At the EGM, we will propose the following motions that make the necessary changes to our constitution so that we can implement the proposal (you can read our constitution here:

That Clause 6a now read:

“The club shall comprise Adult, Household, Veteran, Veteran Household, Junior, Friends of the Club and Life members.*

That other clauses be amended as follows:

  • clause 6 d: delete ‘and associate members’
  • clause 6 e: change to ‘Persons under the age of 18 shall only be eligible for junior membership, or can join as part of a household membership’
  • A further clause will be added in section 6 that reads: Persons who are ‘Friends of the Club’ shall receive Club Newsletters, Journals, and other publications and correspondence from the Club as the General Committee will determine from time to time; but they are not elected members and shall not receive any other rights or benefits of members.
  • clause 8 e is deleted
  • clause 12 b is deleted

*The exact definition of each membership category is contained in the club’s policies. If the EGM agrees the constitutional changes, then Committee will  amend the policies in line with the proposal.

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