The Nature of Things – June 2012

This time last year I wrote in the newsletter that the three areas the Committee would try to put a bit of extra effort into were membership acquisition, increasing Lodge usage and improving the website. Progress in each of these areas was touched on in the 2011 Annual Report. It is too early yet to judge whether our efforts have made a significant difference, and it takes time to identify and experiment with new ways of doing things. For these reasons we will continue to make these aspects of Club administration the focus this year.

Mike, Sarah and Steve K working closely with other helpers have transformed our website. Keeping the content up to date, relevant and user friendly requires feedback from website users and advice and help from those of you out there with IT skills and experience. Help us make our website excellent by getting in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback. For website content contact Sarah , for website development contact Mike . If you have some nice action photos that would look good on the website send them to Steve K .

With snow already on the ground at Ruapehu we are aiming to make 2012 a good ski season with high Lodge usage. As you know Eric our Lodge booking officer is managing our on line booking system. We are keen to iron out any wrinkles in the system and to get your feedback on how it is working. Check out the system through our website and contact Eric if necessary . Please endeavour to familiarise yourself with the Lodge rules which are set out on the website. If you have any ideas for increasing Lodge usage or can otherwise help out with lodge promotion contact Brian or talk to Brian or Colin Bouttell on a Wednesday night. Both are very friendly and approachable. Colin has joined the Lodge sub-committee specifically to assist with Lodge promotion.

A steady trickle of new and prospective members have been coming along to our Wednesday nights and signing up for tramps. We have also had a few people offer to help out with various aspects of running the Club. This is great to see, please keep it up. We will be getting in touch with new members to help them sign up for small jobs such as helping in the gear locker, Wednesday night tea brewing, slide shows, trip leading etc. I’ve said this a few times but it bears repeating, if you can help out don’t be shy, bowl up to someone on the committee and let them know you’re available. Don’t wait to be asked. Helen, our membership officer has done a great job of sorting out who is and is not a member after subscriptions were due, as well as compiling a fresh list of current members for inclusion in the latest membership database. Next time you see Helen make sure you high five her and offer some words of encouragement. Her job is neither glamorous nor easy but it is crucial to the smooth running of the Club.

If you have been on an interesting trip lately why not write it up for the 2012 Club Journal? Tony and Sarah are collecting articles and photos now with a view to having another Journal ready in time for Christmas. Tony will also be looking for proof readers. Any queries send them to or . If you want to buy a copy of the 2011 Journal email Sarah.

I’m shortly heading off on a tramping and climbing excursion while the President of Vice has scored a Pacific Island posting with VSA. In our absence contact Steve Austin or Jenny Beaumont if you can help out or have queries that other committee people can’t help you with.

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