The Nature of Things – June 2015

Oops, I have missed a couple of months due to work travel and pressure. For many of us, it’s been a busy few months on a number of fronts. Thanks to everyone who attended the very successful first aid course in June (and to Beccy who spearheaded the organisation of this). It’s great to have the club running first aid courses again, and something we will look to continue in future years. We’ve also recently run a Leadership course, so please support these new leaders as they try their hand at leading trips.

I’d also like to thank Brendan Eckert, who’s recently stood down from the role of Treasurer due to work pressure. And thanks to Steve Austin, who’s picked up this role in the interim. Steve is not looking to return to this role permanently (having already served as Treasurer for many years!) so we are on the lookout for someone to hand this on to.

Committee recently held a planning day to identify what we would focus on this year. After a lot of discussion and post-it note voting, we’ve identified three priorities: renewing the website, integrating new members, and managing WTMC work better (so that our volunteers don’t burn out). Watch this space for more on each of these, as we develop some action plans. Thanks to Spencer Clubb, who facilitated this excellent session.

As we head into Winter, just remember it’s the best time for tramping (no one else around, and finally you get to properly test all that expensive gear!)

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