The Nature of Things – March 2015

This month I had time to either write this column or a trip report. I figured the latter might be more interesting. You can read my trip report of the Haukura ridge navigation in this newsletter.

Meanwhile, please imagine the following crafted into nice prose and spun out to 300 words.

  • The end of 2014/15 committee year night! Please come to the AGM on 8 April next week and vote on constitutional changes relating to joining requirements, plus elect new committee.
  • Thanks heaps to Illona for stepping up to Chief Guide. We’re still looking for an Assistant Chief Guide. Is it you or know someone you think would be perfect for the job? Email me at
  • The Winter schedule also needs you! Sign up to lead a trip now. Email to see what’s still awaiting your leadership skills.

Remember we are a community made of lots of people doing little or big jobs. Giving back has its own reward. You might be surprised at what you can achieve and what you get out of it.

Thanks to everyone who helped in 2014/15. You are too numerous to name.

Happy tramping

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