Lodge Update – April 2013

Please find the Ruapehu Lodge Information sheet for 2013/2014 included in this newsletter. If you plan to use the lodge this season it is important that you familiarise yourself with the sheet or the online information as there are a number of changes compared to the previous years.

The first change is with the opening dates for the season. As with last year, bookings for members open 1 May for the whole season, however this year is changed with non-members bookings opening on 1 June for the whole season. This allows everyone to plan ahead including non-members while still retaining the booking privileges for members between 1 May and 1 June.

The second major change is that we are trialling a non-member concession arrangement for the Winter season only. Non-members who have made bookings for 5 week nights or 3 weekends can make subsequent bookings at member rates for the rest of the season. This is particularly suited for those non-members that are based out of Wellington and could not otherwise join the club. So please feel free to tell all your non-member friends and family about this.

This year we are also implementing a 25% discount on lodge summer rates compared to the Winter rates. This is to encourage use of the lodge over Summer.

We are pleased to let everyone know we are continuing with the online booking system, we have had a lot of excellent feedback about this, particularly the ability of being able to do your own bookings and know and obtain immediate confirmation of the booking (subject to availability). The system is currently available for bookings up to and including Queens birthday weekend 3rd June. The system will allow bookings for the ski season from 1 May.

We have had to apply a slight increase in lodge rates due to significant increases in electricity, insurance and necessary maintenance. The good news is that we have left the cost of food the same as last year so the overall increase for the winter season is less than 5%.

If you have any questions regarding booking the lodge or anything else to do with the lodge this season, please refer to the Lodge information sheet, go online contact the Ruapehu booking officer as per the email address or phone number given in the Lodge Guide.

We’ll see you up there!!

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