Lodge update – Our Maunga – June 2020

The good news is that along with the rest of the country we are, at this moment, breathing a sigh of relief as things have moved to a new normal.

The lodge committee is preparing the lodge for what could be another busy season, be it a bit later than normal.

However, we are being a bit cautious in some ways by reducing the amount of bulk food going to the lodge and staggering the times when bookings will be available.

To find out how the bookings will work, go to the first page that you normally go to make a booking and read the conditions on that page. This will be updated as the season progresses. If the country continues on its present path, we will be able to open up the whole season in time.

One other thing while I am talking bookings. Make sure that you were a paid up member by April of this year before booking in to the members time zone, which is generally two weeks before non-members.

Those who are not paid up members and book in ahead with members are wasting the booking officers’ and the treasurer’s time, so check your membership status before making a booking. Anyone joining the club after April will need to book as non-members at the appropriate time.

As far as the bulk food delivery goes, this will be carried up shortly. We are ordering half the normal quantities. A successful season will mean that the rest of the bulk food will be delivered during the season so be prepared to carry more food from the RMCA grocery room.

Here is hoping for a successful season and thanks to the committee members and helpers who have put everything together.

Brian Goodwin

Lodge Convenor

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