Lodge update – our Maunga – September 2020

It has been six anxious weeks for us waiting for level 1. Very disappointing for all those who had booked and planned leave, and had great expectations of some great skiing / boarding / tramping / snow climbing. Again, many thanks to the bookings team and our treasurer for their hard work dealing with refunds and keeping people informed of progress.

The change to level 1 meant that Jan and I headed for the mountain to check the status of the lodge and do some maintenance work, which we would have completed on our regular ski week.

It was great to be back at the lodge and would have been better if we had been able to sneak in a day’s skiing as well, but it was not to be, as it rained buckets and stripped the mountain of a lot of snow.

We found the lodge in a very tidy condition but there were a few disappointing things on the close down, which were not in order and could have been an expensive undertaking if the temperatures had been colder during the closed down period.

We also emptied the fridges and gave them a deep clean and removed most of the food which had gone past its use by date.

A new purchase is a wet vacuum which is now in the ski room. The purpose of this is to lift the water (and dirt) which gathers during the course of a ski day. This can also be used in the kitchen and dining room and will do an excellent cleaning job.

Now it is the school holidays and the lodge is well booked so the hope is that our families and others will have a good two weeks of fine weather skiing and, of course, some fresh snow each night.

Now a reminder. We have people working tirelessly for all to enjoy our lodge. We have a need for someone, however, to maintain our social media and handle lodge promotions winter and summer. Summer is now more important than ever as we are now more reliant on a summer programme. Could this be you? Contact or any other committee or lodge committee member.

To add to that we also require some people to stay at the lodge during ‘Summer lodge’ to act as ‘custodians’, so it could be for one, two or three weeks from New Year and or give or take a few days. Contact or any other committee or lodge committee member.

Miles spent a few weeks at the lodge last summer. Some of you may have followed his blog on summer lodge where he took bookings and guided or pointed people in the right direction of the many day trips that can be achieved from the lodge.


Lodge Convenor

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