Lodge Update: Our Mountain November – December 2021

As once described by Queen Elizabeth it has been an annus horribilis for the year. Not just this year but for a second year in a row. Trying to keep the financial situation is proving to be a headache. 

Although we were open during part of the ski season, we suffered the loss of income because of cancelled school trips (4) and private groups (2) all intending to enjoy our lodge for winter and summer weeks.

The school camps have been very popular on the mountain seeing at times well in excess of a hundred students occupying Iwikau village and proving to be a source of income for many club lodges.

We will be running summer lodge again this year from Boxing Day which proved to be worth while last summer even though the covid uncertainty reduced the duration of the event. Murray will be hosting this again this summer for as long as people support it.

One essential requirement will be that those intending to stay will need a vaccination certificate except for children under the age of twelve. Those staying please present your passes without being prompted.

Payments are to be by paying into the clubs account rather than through the booking system. This means less work for our treasurer and booking team as you will only pay when you reach the lodge. You will need to call the lodge if you are staying to ensure that there is space for you. Any changes or updates to summer lodge will be shown on the forum.

Moving further forward we will be holding two working parties at the lodge.

  1. 4th to the 6th of March.
  2. 1st to 3rd of April

This is for replacing the cement sheet around the perimeter base of the lodge which is showing signs of cracking and breaking up. One weekend will be for carrying up materials and the other weekend will be for removing materials and other accumulated rubbish under the lodge. There will be also other smaller tasks which will need to be done.

We also like to slip in a part day walk if there is time available and willing participants.

Anyone interested in helping can contact me or email . I can then update you with details as they emerge.


Lodge Convenor

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