Murmurings from the kitchen – November 2011

Author: Donna Maher and Jenny Beaumont, Social convenors

Well it’s hard to believe that Labour weekend has gone for another year! But no problem, the Christmas break isn’t that far away. Speaking of Christmas, it’s definitely time to start thinking about what you would like to do during the summer. The club would really like to hear about your ideas of what trips you would like to do. In the meantime fill those Wednesday evenings with a visit to club. It’s a great chance to catch up with what is happening with the club, chat to that person/s you haven’t seen for a while, sign up for some great trips from our spring schedule and hear some inspiring stories or relevant information from our presenters.

Some presentations to look forward to are: Spencer Clubb taking us on a tour of Mt Ngauruhoe; Ilona Keenan and Kevin Cole later in the month will show us the beauty of the Pyrenees (which will be shown over a couple of evenings); Amelia White will give us an idea of some day walks we can do on Ruapehu and in December Paul Maxim will be talking about his biography on Bill Denz. That will be well worth the effort of coming out on a Wednesday night.

So it would be great to see you all at club enjoying the expertise and experience of some of our club members.

Please remember to help out as this club only functions with the voluntary help of its members. If you think you could help out by giving a presentation on a Wednesday evening we would really appreciate an email on or talk to us on a Wednesday night.

Photo Competition

It’s time to start thinking about taking those prizes winning photos. We will be holding our photo competition at the beginning of March 2012. The closing date for entries will be around the beginning of February but we will confirm this closer to the time. Categories will be as follows:

  • Above Bush line
  • Below Bush line
  • Hut and Camp life
  • Native Flora and Fauna**
  • Outdoor Landscape **

**No people in these photos please.

Look out for more details on the website and in our next newsletter.

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