Transport Update – February 2013

Gareth Morton, Transport officer

The club would like to remind all drivers of the club vans to be extra careful when operating the vans in any tight spots such as road-end car parks, and especially when reversing when other vehicles or objects are close by. The club suggests that the van driver requests another member of the group to stand outside and assist with any tight manoeuvres as the vans are quite long. This will better ensure the van is not reversed into another vehicle or other object such as a tree, fence or shelter. A minor incident of this nature occurred recently and an insurance claim has been made against the club, but fortunately the only damage was to another vehicle and did not involve any harm to any persons.

The club is also seeking a volunteer to clean the two club vans on a monthly basis. There is no need to wash the vans manually as I suggest you drive them to the BP car wash at Johnsonville which also has a large and powerful vacuum for cleaning the insides. The cost can be charged to the Fleet Card which is inside the van. The vans are stored at the Interislander terminal where access is available almost 24 hours a day and you will be given your own set of van keys, allowing you to do this job at your own convenience. If you are keen to give something back to the club or require any more details please speak with me or email

The club is always after confident drivers to share the driving duties at weekends, especially for places further afield like Tongariro, Taranaki, Ruahines and Kaweka’s. If you are happy to drive a club van please complete the Driver Vetting Form at along with a photocopy of your Drivers Licence and hand it to me on a Wednesday night or scan and email to .

Finally, if you want to have control of the club’s two sexiest assets (after Sharron and Donna of course), then you will need to become the next Transport Officer! After being in the role for almost 4 years I am looking for someone to take over the reins of this role and join Committee. I have put together a document outlining the duties involved. If you are slightly interested in this role please let me know and I will email it to you. It does not require as much time and commitment as you may think, and the benefits of being able to actively contribute to the running of our wonderful club outweigh the time and work involved. No automotive or mechanical knowledge required.

I will be overseas for 4 weeks in February. Bernie Smithyman is going to step into the role of transport officer whilst I am away. Thank you very much to Bernie for offering to do this for the club. I’m sure you will all offer Bernie the utmost support whilst he is in this role.

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