Committee member Q & A

 Katy Glenie quizzes Chief Guide Illona Keenen

Q. How did you get involved with the WTMC?

A. A friend Jane Perkins was a long time member and invited me along for a South Island trip to The 1000 Acres Plateau—but the bad weather meant we didn’t get there. It then took me three years to do three trips with the club to become a member. However, after a slow start I was off! I learnt so much doing medium-fit trips and made great friends. Jane and tramping changed my life!

Q. What do you love about our club?

A. The community of like-minded souls.  Hearing and being inspired by other people’s adventures.

Q. What was your favourite WTMC trip?

A. Getting to The 1000 Acres Plateau—3rd time lucky. Megan Banks was an awesome leader and made great desserts!

Q. Why are you helping out with the OARSUM WTMC committee?

A. After so many years helping unofficially, it was certainly time to get more involved. I have learnt heaps on committee and it is a great experience.

Q. What does your role involve?

A. The Chief Guide does the admin to get the trip schedules together and investigates any issues with trips, leaders, and safety.

Q. What’s your next adventure?  Going anywhere fun?

A. To the Zampa Tops in Lewis Pass at anniversary weekend. It will be my third attempt to get there.

Q. Pick three famous people as companions on your ‘dream tramping trip’—who would you pick, where would you go, and why?

A. I don’t really do famous people, however, Tony Gazley, cos he is awesome!  Jane Perkins cos I miss her. My grandpa as I never went tramping with him. To the Garden of Eden. It’s somewhere I had heard about and have now seen up at the top of the Clyde River, and going there might get me over my fear of snow!


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