President’s column 

Happy belated New Year! This was meant to be a pre-Christmas message but a virus swallowed up most of my December. I hope you have had a great break and managed to get out tramping during that amazing weather between Christmas and New Year.

As well as business as usual, the committee has been focusing on three initiatives over the past six months: renewing the website, integrating new members, and managing WTMC work better (so that our volunteers don’t burn out). We’re making good progress on working towards a new web platform, thanks to the hard work of Richard House and team. We’ve also introduced a series of emails that are sent to all new members, during their first couple of months of membership, thanks to Emily Shrosbree. These emails explain how the club works, how we behave, and how you can give back. And Beccy Day has coordinated an excellent volunteer survey that has given everyone food for thought. One of the outcomes is that we are trying to make the bigger volunteer roles more manageable. This includes splitting parts of the roles out and considering smarter ways to manage the work. Suggestions are always very welcome.

It may be the start of the calendar year, but it’s heading towards the end of the tramping club year. As well as being time to pay your membership subscription (hint, hint!), it’s time for us to start thinking about processes like producing the annual report and succession for committee members who will depart at our April AGM.

There are a few positions becoming vacant in April, so now’s a good time to start thinking about being involved. Being on committee is a unique chance to shape the club’s direction as part of a group of friendly and dynamic people. We’ll be doing some shoulder tapping, but anyone should feel free to chat with a committee member about roles you might be interested in. We’ll also be looking to profile some of the roles during the next couple of months.

Happy summer tramping


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