Lodge Update. Our Maunga. February 2021

Recently, the lodge sub-committee held a special meeting to discuss the future of the lodge and to reaffirm the purpose and usefulness of this club facility. More details of our thinking will follow in a month or two.

Now more than ever the importance of the lodge to the club is becoming evident with RAL (the ski lift company) changing policies to make winter use of the mountain a better experience.

Those arriving at the mountain lodges in late afternoon or evening will not be subject to parking restrictions, but the day trippers will be subject to a number limit on busy days. This will be worked out on the number of parks available at the Top of the Bruce.

The Sky Waka gondola is running along with the restaurant over summer. Details of offers and conditions are available on the RAL website. There will be a closure period next month for regular maintenance. The gondola gives access to the upper mountain for walking beyond and to the top of the mountain given favorable conditions. And it’s a pleasant walk on a good day.

The gondola has been well used by kiwi tourists which is great news for all as we need the operator to do well because this is in our interest too.

The weather on the mountain has recently been settled giving favorable conditions for those who will be staying at our Lodge. The volcanic hazard level has returned to Level 1 which means that anyone can visit the top of the mountain. This is a fantastic option at this time of the year when the day is calm.

There are many options for day walks below the lodge which are listed in the lodge intentions book.

Looking forward the sub-committee now starts preparation for winter, organizing food and supplies, lodge winter schedule, maintenance requirements etc.

Keep the following dates in mind or better still on your calendar.

Friday 9th July to departure Sunday 25th July school holidays

Sunday 8th August to departure Friday 13th August ski week 1

Sunday 13th September to departure Friday 17th September ski week 2

Friday 1 October to Sunday 17th October school holidays.

We are always looking for helpers and we have been lacking a dedicated Lodge Promotions Officer, an additional Booking Officer and a Secretary to take care of the minutes etc. until July or August. We also require people to help with deep cleaning and food stocking in May.

Brian Goodwin

Lodge convenor

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