Track talk – news from the Chief Guide

Thanks to everyone that leads trips. It is a key role for the club, and the great thing is, that anyone with support – can do it. So give it a try in the 2017. If you haven’t lead a trip yet…find a buddy and give it a go.  Don’t forget to let me know if you are interested, so I can add you to the leaders email list.  Also I am looking for ideas for trips for the Winter schedule – so give me a shout if there is somewhere you want to go.
There are a few updates and reminders that I need to tell you about.

PLBs now compulsory on all trips

There is a new PLB (Personal Locator Beacons) policy. This means that all trips must have a PLB with them (unless it is guaranteed to have continuous cellphone coverage and a working phone).  It is a modern era, and in the unlikely event of an emergency, having a PLB will mean help will be available.  Other PLB things have changed so check it out…  Also Pete Gent is giving a talk on PLBs at club on 22 March so come along.


Driving we are always looking for safe drivers to share the load of driving to the road ends.  If you interest please contact:  check out this link for details


Everyone deserves to enjoy the club without any hint of harassment. If you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe please raise this with a committee member you feel comfortable talking to.  We have a number of policies around harassment and bullying   It is rare – but please let us know if there are any issues or you feel uncomfortable.

Helping out

Volunteering gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing (according to the WCC Parks week parody of Blur ParkLife at about 1:33 thru the video). When I joined the club there was a general rule of thumb that you should lead 1 in every 6 trips you go on.  There are other ways you can volunteer too, help out with being an emergency contact person for the weekend, issuing gear, getting tea ready, trapping, joining committee, giving a talk.  Please contact the committee member that is responsible for the area you are willing to help with and give a little back.

Signing up for trips and etiquette

Please respond to emails from leaders and ensure you pay on time. I have had a number of irritated leaders – wondering where simple etiquette has gone these days.  Please press reply even if you can no longer go in the trip you signed up to.

But most importantly get out and go for a tramp in the fabulous country we live in.




Chief Guide, WTMC


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