Where the Wild Things R (Track Talk) – May 2014

Where the Wild Things are – Xmas trip planning

Christmas is a great time of the year. There are presents, parties and a large amount of time off work. (Joy to all men as well. This is a sexist saying so Joy to all people but I digress…….)

For some people this time off work is used to see the family or lounge around on the beach. For trampers this could be just the opportunity they are looking for. With over 10 days to go places the only restriction is really how much food can you really carry?

The back country of New Zealand is vast and when you go on weekend trips there are vast swathes which are normally out of bounds just due to logistics. Xmas allows you to go in to the wild!

A Xmas trip is also a bit different in organisation from the normal weekend trip. Someone will probably be designated leader, but the organisation will fall on all of those who are going on the trip. It is quite normal for there to be a couple of planning meetings and there is usually a fair bit of transport to sort out (club vans are available and ferry bookings can be made).

This means that the group of people on the trip need to get organised quite a bit in advance. Planning usually starts at least three months before.

To get the whole ball rolling we are having a vote for Xmas trips night on the 11th June. I will present a few details on a number of possible trips and everyone gets to vote for the ones they think are the best. There will be at least two ideas in each grade of tramping.

If anyone has ideas for trips please forward them to me. Even better if you can give a talk for up to 3 minutes (maximum time) on the trip (with slides) that would be even better! Please email the chief guide.


There is still time (and possibly space) to sign up for the club Snowcraft course. The Snowcraft course is designed for trampers of medium or more fitness who have not had formal alpine training. It can open up a whole new tramping arena. After you have been on the course, you can go on the club ALP 1 trips.

The course is run on two Wednesdays (18th and 25th June) followed by two weekends at the club lodge on the 27th to 29th June and the 4 to 6th July. Cost is $365.

You can either sign up at the Wednesday meeting or email the alpine crew.

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