Nature of Things – May 2014

Last month we had our first committee meeting of the 2014/15 year. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm every member of the committee has for their role when we each talked about what we most wanted to achieve in the coming year. Our goals ranged from making particular club or admin processes better to getting more people to go on trips, become WTMC members and turn into leaders. If you have particular things you would like your committee to investigate or consider, my inbox is always open just send me an email.

Leadership remains the most crucial job in the club. We need a steady stream of new leaders, so if you spot anyone with potential please provide gentle encouragement. Next month Illona and I are running our annual leadership course and I really encourage you to sign up if you have even just a tiny inclination towards leadership. It’s on Saturday 26 July from 9am-2pm at the TTC club rooms. Come along for big picture conversations about leadership plus the nuts-and-bolts of trip running. There will also be home-baking, decent coffee, free* lunch, good company, and conversations about the weather. *There is a charge of $10 for the course. If you think of any potential attendees, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll send them a personal invitation.

One of the other things we’ve been talking about at committee lately is membership categories. We have a relatively complex system at the moment, so Mike Gilbert and others have been doing some work on how it could be simplified. This is shaping up really well, and once it’s been agreed by committee we will be looking for views and feedback from the wider membership, so that we can put forward a proposal that makes sense to everyone. Watch this space.

As we head into winter, I hope you’re making some plans to get outside – whether the trees or the snow! I’m looking forward to emerging from tramping withdrawal and hitting the hills for the first time in three months. If you want to get above the bushline, Snowcraft is definitely a to do at least once in your life. Check out the website forum for details or email Sharron Came.

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