The 2023 Tramping Calendar Haiku and Limerick Competition – Chapter 4

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    Rino Tukino

    No crowded ski-fields –
    the wild side of the mountain
    is untamed country

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    Tony Gazley

    When doors are stuck shut
    Sarah does not wait about-
    kick kick kick kick kick

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    Winter snows arrive –
    trampers head to cosy huts
    high in the mountains

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    That’s a very nice haiku from Mary. It shows all the characteristics of a classical haiku – there are three lines with a 5,7,5 structure, it’s nice and concise, there’s a kigo or “season word” (winter) and a kireji or “cut” (where the hyphen is), and there’s possibly even a slight hint of a symbolic meaning. In fact, it reminds me of the following haiku from the great Japanese haiku master Matsuo Bashō (1644 – 1694):

    Autumn approaches –
    heart dreams
    of four-mat rooms

    So it’s an excellent entry. Well done, Mary. But there’s still lots of time for other people to get entries in before the contest closes next month. There are still several photos that we haven’t had any entries at all for yet!

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    The Sahara Desert

    Pah! I spit on thee,
    puny pip-squeak Rangipo,
    thou pretend desert!

    The Sahara

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    Lake Taupo

    But you don’t have mates
    Warriors who rule with fear
    Fire smoke and brimstone.

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    Rangipo Desert

    Sahara Desert,
    you’re very rude and nasty,
    and quite ill-mannered.

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    Here’s a haiku about the December photo (Above Douglas River Westland National Park)

    Sunny camp today –
    creeping bands of cloud conceal
    tomorrow’s valleys

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    Lance Wood

    To follow on from Mary’s haiku, here is another one about the December photo:

    High mountain campsite –
    floating magic carpet ride
    above cotton clouds

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    And here’s another one about the December photo

    Up high I wonder
    what it’s like in the valley –
    and vice versa.

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    This is a limerick about the November photo of Okarito Lagoon

    Okarito Lagoon on the Coast
    has the kotuku as its proud boast.
    I’m sure Tony’s rearin’
    to bag a white heron
    (for a photograph, not for a roast!)

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    That’s a nice limerick from Mark – we haven’t had one for a while.

    This competition will be closing soon, so if you’ve got any last-minute entries, get them in in the next few days. Just think – you could be the proud winner of one of Tony’s superb calendars – a perfect Christmas present!


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    Mr Trogg

    Another one for the November photo

    Okarito Lagoon with a boat
    aground on the sand, not afloat.
    Tony’s off in a clearin’
    to photo a heron –
    a good shot would float Tony’s boat!

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    Calm days and blue skies –
    soon they will have flown away
    like the white heron

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    Lance Wood

    This is for the January photo

    Brooding volcanoes
    rear up shoulder to shoulder –
    flesh wounds on the earth.

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